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Whether you are considering your options for the future of your marriage, or have decided that divorce is the only way to repair your life and peace of mind, contacting a Virginia divorce lawyer at Hartsoe, Morgan & Ventimiglia for assistance and guidance can be a step in the right direction for planning your next move. The advice of an experienced Virginia divorce lawyer can sometimes make all the difference in the terms of your eventual settlement, custody determinations, and preservation of your rights and privileges after a divorce proceeding. 

Virginia Property Settlement Agreements

When a couple separates, the parties may enter into a Property Settlement Agreement (or Separation Agreement) to resolve their differences and to establish a determination of spousal support and the support and custody of children. In order to have an uncontested divorce proceeding, and avoid trial, the parties will need to have a Property Settlement Agreement that follows all Virginia legal requirements, and which represents a meeting point between the parties. A well-drafted and well-negotiated settlement agreement can resolve the most pressing issues between the parties, including support and custody, and can serve as the foundation for a healthy, well-negotiated divorce proceeding. The majority of divorce actions are resolved by way of proper, professional negotiation of the Property Settlement Agreement.

Child Custody & Visitation

One of the most difficult and emotional issues in family and domestic relations law is dealing with the custody and visitation of children. The family lawyers of Hartsoe & Morgan are experienced in advising Northern Virginia clients in a variety of child custody matters. Divorcing parents can benefit from the sound advice of a Virginia family law attorney, from negotiating a visitation schedule to litigation of full or partial custody of children.

Spousal Support (Alimony) & Child Support

When a marriage breaks down, one of the divorcing or separating spouses may have a right to spousal support (also referred to as alimony). In Virginia, if an award of spousal support is warranted, such an award may be for a limited period of time, or may be awarded permanently. The divorce lawyers at Hartsoe & Morgan offer legal divorce experience in all courts in Northern Virginia, and have lawyers who can aggressively pursue support actions, or defend against such actions when your former spouse makes unreasonable demands on your resources.

After a divorce or other form of separation between biological parents, the non-custodial parent may have an obligation of support under Virginia procedure, regardless of whether the parents were married. Contact the lawyers at H&M to determine what your rights and obligations may be, or if you need representation in a Northern Virginia child support proceeding.

Negotiating Pre-Marital Agreements
or Prenuptial Agreements

Both parties in an engagement often benefit from pre-marital agreements that determine each party’s rights prior to the union, with respect to various issues including division and identification of personal property, real estate, or other assets brought into marriage by either individual. Many times in Virginia, and particularly in Northern Virginia where partners often bring a variety of assets and professional backgrounds to a marriage, the parties will enter into a Pre-Marital Agreement (often referred to as a “Prenuptial Agreement” or “Prenup”) to determine the parties’ respective rights going into the new partnership. In some instances, the parties may enter into a marital agreement during the course of the marriage for similar reasons, sometimes referred to as a “Postnuptial Agreement” or “Post-nup,” even in scenarios where divorce is not contemplated by either party. Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreements are recognized throughout Virginia, and contrary to being harbingers of divorce, are often merely a recognition of the realities of two people with equal financial and professional standing entering into marriage. Hartsoe & Morgan offers experienced attorney representation for pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and can create new contracts or review existing documents for clients throughout Northern Virginia, from offices in Fairfax or Leesburg.

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