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Construction Law

The Virginia construction law attorneys of Hartsoe & Morgan possess the necessary knowledge and experience to provide practical solutions to complicated commercial and residential construction issues. We have represented owners and contractors in every phase of the construction process, from drafting the original contract to the issuance of certifications of occupancy. 

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of determining how your assets will be divided after your death. Additionally, a valid will in Virginia allows parents to nominate a guardian for minor children, and establish a trust for management of finances. 

Collection and creditors

Hartsoe & Morgan provides experienced collections attorney services to commercial and retail clients in Northern Virginia. Our collections lawyers can guide professional and business clients through the maze of regulations surrounding debt collection in Virginia, and can help develop strategies and solutions for debt recovery. 


Family Law

Sometimes, despite your best efforts at reconciliation and counseling, marriages break down and you find you require the services of a good Virginia divorce attorney. Hartsoe & Morgan, with offices in Fairfax and Leesburg, offers experienced divorce attorney representation for clients in Northern Virginia, from mutually-agreed divorce resolutions, to contested trials and enforcement of court orders. 

Personal injury

Accidents can, and do, happen at any time — sometimes the fault is yours, and sometimes you are the victim of the wrongful or negligent acts of others. When someone else is at fault for an injury to you or your property, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 


Hartsoe & Morgan provides corporate clients with experienced general business law services. We partner with our clients, quickly understand their business and help them grow, providing vital assistance in almost every aspect of the business, from business formation to leasing of commercial space, to drafting of contracts with clients. 


Community, Condo And HOA

In Virginia, Community Associations, Home Owners’ Associations, and Condominium Associations all serve an important role in preserving the quality of life for community residents, and such organizations are governed by specific regulations to ensure the needs of the community are in balance with the powers of the Association’s Board. 

Landlord and tenant

Hartsoe & Morgan offers experienced Virginia landlord-tenant attorney services, and our lawyers represent landlords and tenants in both residential and commercial settings throughout Northern Virginia.