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The Principal Personal Injury Attorney at Hartsoe & Morgan is
Robert J. Hartsoe

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An experienced personal injury attorney in Virginia can help you assess your damages, and determine if you have a claim against the party who created the injury. Many times, an insurance company may try to persuade or even pressure you into a settlement, but the insurance companies do not always have your best interests in mind. The insurance companies have attorneys working on their behalf, and you should as well. Hartsoe & Morgan has represented victims of negligence for over twenty years, in courts throughout Northern Virginia. Our personal injury attorneys have protected the rights of victims and surviving family members in claims related to many types of accidents and torts, and our experience in this practice allows us to provide clients with quality representation and sound advice.

Traffic Accidents

With busy roads such as I-495 and I-95, I-66, and the Fairfax and Prince William County Parkways, accidents occur every day in Northern Virginia. Sometimes, the damage is merely to personal property and the automobiles; sometimes, an accident is more serious and severe medical injury occurs, requiring extensive medical costs and lengthy rehabilitation. The personal injury lawyers at Hartsoe & Morgan understand that while cleaning up after an accident may take an hour, an injured individual may endure the financial and physical ramifications of the accident for years to come. Our lawyers take a variety of approaches, depending on the scenario presented. Initially, we gather information about the accident itself, collect the client’s medical records, obtain the accident report and interview witnesses. If the negligent party is charged with a traffic offense, we attend the traffic hearing, all in an effort to provide the best advice and overview of the process and the potential outcomes of a personal injury lawsuit. Upon completion of the investigation, H&M’s attorneys can write a detailed letter to the negligent actor and potential defendant, explaining the grounds for liability and requesting a reasonable demand amount based on our investigation and the needs of the client. Our experience in courtrooms throughout Northern Virginia allows us to provide realistic demands, in line with recent jury awards and settlements in similar cases. We are realistic with our approach and advice to clients as well as the opposing parties. By using our experience with both negotiation and trial, we have achieved positive results for our clients. 

Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals across the country make mistakes on a daily basis, and Northern Virginia is no exception to this general rule. While a doctor’s negligence may not be an act of malice or intentional wrongdoing, a negligent act performed in the medical arena can nonetheless have severe and irrevocable consequences. Hartsoe & Morgan’s personal injury lawyers understand the loss of independence and confidence that a serious medical error can cause, and we take a practical approach to ensure that the damages are compensated. We conduct a thorough investigation with experts to review the medical files and records of each client, in comparison with the standards expected for medical professionals across Virginia. When we find evidence that a medical professional has fallen below the standard of care, and has caused damage to a client, we have the experience and expertise to assist with documentation, proper filing for legal process, and with prosecuting litigation to help make a victim of medical malpractice whole. While these matters can be complicated and expensive, Hartsoe & Morgan has the experience and expertise to guide clients through this very difficult and emotional process. The medical professionals have excellent attorneys to protect their interest; victims of medical negligence should, too. 

Arlington, Alexandria, Leesburg, and Fairfax Personal Injury Lawyers at Hartsoe & Morgan:

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